1.What sights are compatible with my Tisas pistol?

Our 1911 and PX-9 pistols with dovetail style sights may be replaced, but we recommend a competent gunsmith perform any work on your pistol, as fitting maybe required.
1911 Army and Service use 70 Series Govt. dovetail rear and narrow tenon stake-on front.
Carry and Duty Models use Novak® Style dovetails front and rear.
Match and D10 models use a Bomar® Cut rear and Novak® front dovetail.
PX-9 Gen Pistols use Smith & Wesson M&P 9/40® Fullsize Sights.
PX-9 GEN Pistols use Glock® 17 Sights.

2. Does my firearm require a break in?

Yes, most firearms will benefit from a good break-in cycle. When you receive your firearm: read your instruction manual for a good overview of the controls and other information, ensure your firearm is unloaded, disassemble your firearm, clean and properly lubricate it per the instructions, cycle the action a few times to ensure all parts are moving freely. Head to the range and run some high-quality ammunition through your firearm. Typically you will see performance and reliability become consistent after the first initial uses of the firearm. Clean and lubricate as needed during break-in. 1911 pistols typically will need 100-300rds of ammunition, we recommend FMJ ammo for break-in.

3. Why is my 1911 jamming and/or experiencing feeding issues?

Several factors can influence your 1911's reliability. Here are few things to look at:
1. Improper Grip: Use a firm grip as high on the beaver-tail as you can and keep a straight wrist as you fire the pistol.
2. Ammunition: Use high-quality ammo with a properly shaped bullet. Hollow Points with a flat or blunt tip may cause jamming, find a more rounded type.
3. Cheap aftermarket magazines and cause feeding issues. Also extended mags can cause issues as well.
4. Improper cleaning and under lubrication.

4. What holsters will my PX-9 GEN3 fit?

Many aftermarket companies offer holsters specifically for the PX-9 GEN3 Pistol.

  • Crossbreed Holsters
  • Simply Rugged
  • CyTac
  • Urban Carry

We have also found that some holsters designed for the Sig Sauer P320 and Springfield Xdm will work with little to no modification. Please test fitment before carrying.

5. What type of barrel ramp does my Tisas 1911 use?

Our standard 1911's in .45acp use an un-ramped barrel to the Colt/USGI Specs.

The 1911 D10 in 10mm uses a Clark/Para ramped barrel.

Our 9mm 1911's use a Clark/Para ramped barrel.

6. Can I fire +P Ammo in my Tisas Pistol?

Yes, you may fire +P ammunition in your Tisas Pistol. However is loaded to produce more velocity, pressure and power than standard ammunition. This will result in more recoil and wear on parts of your firearm more than standard ammunition.

7. What magazines are compatible with my Tisas Pistol?

1911's -  Most standard 1911 magazines in the appropriate caliber will work in your Tisas 1911 Pistols. In addition to our OEM magazines, we highly recommend; Mec-Gar, Wilson, Ed Brown, Metal-Form, Brownells and Chip McCormick.

PX-9 - Our PX-9 is fed from a Sig Sauer P226® pattern magazine. We recommend our OEM magazines along with Mec-Gar and Checkmate.

8. Does my Tisas Pistol contain any cast or MIM parts?

Tisas does not use any cast metal parts on our firearms. The use of quality MIM parts on some models was used in prior generations of our 1911 products but in mid-2022 we began moving away from use of those parts. Tisas models produced after 11/1/2022 contain machined internal parts with the exception of the recoil spring plug which will continue to be a MIM part at a time to be determined.


9. I modified my Tisas Pistol and now it does not function like it did, is repair covered under warranty?

Although Tisas USA products are covered by a warranty and the Tisas Lifetime Service Plan, we do not cover work done by 3rd parties that change/alter/modify the factory safety features, fire control or operating system in anyway. Any Tisas product returned for warranty work and/or repair that is found to be altered beyond factory parameters or modified in such a manner that is no longer covered by the warranty or TLSP shall be returned to the customer at their expense. Should a customer request that Tisas USA repair or replace a firearm(s) not covered by the warranty or TSLP, our gunsmiths may choose to perform repairs, at our discretion and at the customers expense.


10. What are the bolts for my PX-9 Optic supposed to be torqued to?

When mounting an optic on your PX-9 GEN3 the allen bolts should be torqued to a min. 10in lbs/max 13in lbs.


11. What are the spring weights of my Tisas Pistol?

Below is a list of the common spring weights of our 1911 pistols.

  • 1911 Duty .45ACP Recoil Spring - 16lb
  • 1911 Duty 9MM Recoil Spring - 14lb
  • 1911 Carry .45ACP Recoil Spring - 18lb1911 Carry 9MM Recoil Spring - 16lb
  • 1911 Duty 10MM Recoil Spring - 23lb
  • 1911 All Models Hammer Spring - 23lb

12. What color of Carakote does Tisas use?

Some models are finished with high-quality Cerakote in the following colors:

  • Grey Models H210
  • Black Models. H416
  • Night Stalker H337

Carbon or Stainless Steel/ models are Cerakote over Manangese Phosphate. Aluminum models are Cerakote over hardcoat anodized.

10. What steel alloy does Tisas use for their 1911 frames and slides?

42CrM04 Forged Carbon Steel or 420A Forged Stainless Steel.