TİSAŞ Trabzon Silah Sanayi has been producing firearms for global customers since 1993 and over the years many importers brought their products to US customers. As the brand's presence and market share grew since the first import in 2004, TİSAŞ recognized the need to take control of their US identity.


Tisas USA began operations in early 2022 with an announcement at the NSSF Shot Show to be the exclusive importer of their products moving forward. The team at Tisas USA quickly moved to bolster sales and marketing efforts, updated models to appeal to a broader range of gun enthusiasts, and emphasized our commitment to quality, by offering the TISAS LIFETIME SERVICE PLAN. Headquartered in eastern, TN our company is proud to employ members of our community with decades of experience in the firearms industry.





Our mission is simple; Provide high-quality firearms at an unrivaled value to our customers. Standing behind our products for life, as Tisas Means Quality.


At Tisas, we are an internationally recognized firearms manufacturer servicing the civilian, military, and law enforcement communities on five continents. Producing quality classics like the venerable 1911 as well as proprietary designs like our polymer PX9 Series, Tisas imbues old world craftsmanship into every one of our products. We take enormous pride in delivering the best value in today’s crowded marketplace - knowing that the educated consumer has limitless choices to choose from, we strive to meet the needs of today’s shooters. 



Tisas USA is proud to be the exclusive partner to provide these world renowned firearms to the US Market. 


Military and Police Contracts:
2002 3,000 Zig M16 to Turkish Navy & Army
2005 22,000 Zigana T 9X19MM to Turkish Land Forces
2012 5,000 Kanuni S to Republic of Kongo Military
2015 2,200 Zigana F to Turkish Gendarmerie
2019 1,200 Zig M16 to Bangladesh Air Force
2019 1,100 PX-9 V2 to Turkish Airport Customs Enforcement, Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate
2020 17,353 PX-9 V2 to Philippines National Police under PNP-18-67G
2020 9,500 Zig-556 Assault Rifle to Turkish Army SF
2021 2,000 Poland PX-9 V2
2021 2,000 Romania PX-9 V2
2021 2,000 Bulgaria PX-9 V2
2021 1950 PKM LMG
2022 6,240 PX-9 GEN3 to Philippines Army under TS NR: ORDF03(H-01)01-22